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  • Memorandum on the cooperation in the fight against illicit drugs traffic (signed in Sofia on December 8th 1989)
  • Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Italy and the Republic of Bulgaria (signed in Rome on January 9th, 1992 and valid since June 21st, 1995)
  • Agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Italy and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria on the bilateral cooperation (signed in Rome on July 11th, 1995) Understanding on the bilingual section of the Gorna Banja High School, with n. 3 annexes (signed in Sofia on June 26th 1996 and updated on July 2005)
  • Agreement on the readmission of people in irregular position (signed on July 1998)
  • Joint Declaration on the institution of a new consultative body on economic relationships between Italy and Bulgaria (signed in Sofia on February 2nd, 1999)
  • Agreement on the cooperation against the fight against organised crime (signed in Rome, April 12th, 1999)
  • Agreement on the definition of the bilateral Bulgarian debt out the “Club of Paris” (signed in Sofia on October 9th, 2000)
  • Agreement on the Establishment and Activity of an Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia and of a Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Rome (signed in Rome on May 23rd, 2000)
  • Memorandum of intent on Health and Medical Sciences (signed on October 17th, 2000)
  • Agreement on Cultural, Scientific and Technological Cooperation (signed in Sofia on April 13th, 2005)
  • Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Driving Licenses (signed in Sofia on July 12th, 2005)

All the bilateral agreements can be consulted at the web page of the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs, section Archives (in Italian language).