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New forms


New forms

Most forms used by this Embassy for consular services can be downloaded in this section.


  1. Application form for Schengen Visa (DOCX|PDF)
  2. Application form for National Visa (DOCX|PDF
  3. Proof of sponsorship and/or private accomodation (IT/EN) (DOCX|PDF)
  4. Invitation letter for business (IT) (DOCX|PDF)


  1. Application form for Passport (IT/EN) (DOCX|PDF)
  2. Application form for Passport for minors (IT/EN) (DOCX|PDF)
  3. Letter of consent to minors under 14 age (IT/EN/FR) (DOCX|PDF)
  4. Parental consent form for the issue of a passport to a children under 18 (IT/EN) (DOCX|PDF)
  5. Consent form to be completed by the other parent of children under 18 (IT/EN) (DOCX|PDF)