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Cooperazione culturale


Cooperazione culturale

>> Institute of Italian Culture in Sofia

Cultural cooperation

The Italian activity for the cultural promotion aims at providing a high-level offer and the research of the maximum impact on the Bulgarian society, in our opinion highly receptive and mature for the absorption and utilisation of our cultural production. The Embassy indeed aims at promoting the development of conceptual, organizational and financial synergies with all the local actors involved in the promotion of the “Italian system”. They are, beside the Italian Cultural Centre and the Embassy itself, the Institute for the Foreign Trade – by now integrating the Embassy as its Section for the Promotion of the Exchanges -, the local agencies (in a fast growing measure), the Italian community of entrepreneurs (to which some of our main Groups belong) and the expression of the residing community and the Italian-speaking and Italian-loving associations (such as, for instance, the Dante Alighieri Italian Committee of Sofia).  

During the last years, the implemented initiatives have exponentially grown in number, scope and quality in every sector: the huge and diversified variety of events, that embraces concerts of classic and pop music, opera representations, fashion shows, events for the Made in Italy promotion, cinematographic reviews, exhibitions and conferences, strongly underline this trend.  

Here we indicate, as an example, the main events realised in the past years in the different sectors:  

  • As for what concerns the musical activities, the concert by the Filarmonica della Scala, directed by the Maestro Riccardo Muti, on March 2004, or even the several concerts of prestigious orchestras and Italian and local performers (the most recent one in Plovdiv on November 24th 2004 for the celebration of the anniversary of the opening of our diplomatic relationships, the one in Plovdiv on June 17th 2005 and, last but not least, the one in Sofia on January 14th 2005 to celebrate the signature of the European Constitutional Treaty); 
  • In the Opera field, our participation and our mentorship – which may count on a long-term tradition – to the lyric season at the Opera Theatre in Sofia, whose première for the 2004-2005 is “Othello” (December 18th 2004) whilst for the opening of the previous season it was Verdi’s masterpiece “Macbeth”);
  • Exhibitions of some prestigious art collections (such as the so called “Splendore del Barocco” - that has showed the “Scuola bolognese of the Rolo Bank” collection, which includes pieces from Carracci, Reni, Guercino and has given value to the last Italian Presidency of the European Union – and the one – on september-october 2004 – of the Fortunato Depero collection, symbol of the Italian futurism, whose owner is the del MART of Trento and Rovereto) have been realized here;
  • The huge and diversified work of translation, that allows not only the diffusion of some of the most renown Italian literary masterpieces from our past and contemporary writers but also books of scientific divulgation and didactic support;
  • As for what concerns the conferences and workshops’ organisation, it should be mentioned the Conference on “Phylosophy and European integration” on June 10-11th 2005 and the presence of Umberto Eco in Sofia in 2004. There have been also organised seminars on the contemporary theatre (that, after the event, has become more and more popular among the local artists);
  • Italian movies have been projected during the International movie festival in Sofia and through a cinematographic review of the most recent Italian productions, within the programme of manifestation for the cultural, economical and trade promotion known as Italian Festival, realized in association with the Italian Institute of Culture and the ICE local office. Its first edition, whose aim was to promote the Made in Italy in Bulgaria, took place in 2004, on the occasion of the celebration for the 125th anniversary of Italia-Bulgaria diplomatic relationships. The Festival takes place every year.
  • To the above-mentioned initiatives, there are several realized in the field of the Italian fashion and cuisine.  

All the events here organised, several of which have been re-proposed and/or realized ad hoc in other localities of the Country, have been welcomed by an enthusiastic Bulgarian audience and make increase the reputation and the image of our Country.  

They are the result both of the cultural cooperation among Bulgarian and Italian institutions supported by this Embassy and of the spontaneous initiatives: an important contribution has been given by the growing number of collaborations among Sofia Opera Theatre and other Italian Opera Theatres (such as the Modena Theatre, the Scala Theatre in Milano, the Arena of Verona, etc.)  

The cultural programme has been built up to record the same intensity and participation even more during the year 2005, with the further aim to attribute a particular and growing attention to the new generations, offering them the opportunity to increase both the dialogue with their Italian contemporary and the knowledge of our language.  

It is sufficient to mention, from this point of view, the exhibition of the most prestigious Transavanguardia painters, expected to take place on December 2005.  

Moreover, the opportunities in the fields of archaeology and restoration of the artistic heritage seem to be increasingly relevant. This Embassy has obtained for our Country a position of priority and privilege for the realisation of the restoration of the Tracian funeral equipments and for a wonderful and unpredictable valuable bronze head, both dated end V sec. - beginning IV a.C. and found few months ago in the archaeological site in Kazanlak, and their following exhibition in Italy. In fact, through the existing cooperation among this Embassy, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Archaeological Museum of Sofia, the CNR, the University of Firenze and the European Center of Research for the Conservation and the Restauration in Siena, the pilot project co-financed by the Comune di Siena and the Monte dei Paschi Foundation has been proposed to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this purpose, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affaires has given an important monetary contribution. 

Several thematic conferences and workshops will be indeed organised, in association with both Italian and Bulgarian Academic Institutions. Their thematics are expected to range from natural to human science and they will see the continuous participation of the entrepreneural Italian local actors.  

During the visit of State in Bulgaria of the last April by the Italian President of Republic and Mrs Ciampi, it has been signed, thanks also to the direct involvement of the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research and the Ministry of Cultural Activities, a new bilateral agreement on the cultural, scientific and technological cooperation, replacing the ones from 1963 and 1970.  

Thus we may rely at this moment on a legal framework for the realization of structured programmes of cooperation in the fields of Fine Arts, Sciences, Education, University, Monitoring and Valorisation of the cultural heritage.