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The exhibition "Leonardo - The gentle genius" around the world



The exhibition

The exhibition "Leonardo - The gentle genius" is ideated and produced by the Ambassador Stefano Baldi in cooperation with the Italian cultural institute in Sofia. The exhibition is translated in 14 different languages by now in addition to the Italian language, and it is being shown by various diplomatic representations across the world.

The 39 cities (in alphabetical order) in 26 countries that hosted the exhibition are:

Abu Dhabi, Algiers, Amman, AnkaraAstrakhan, Asuncion, Baghdad, Balchik, Belgarade, Belo Horizonte, BrusselsCape TownChisinauCittà della PieveDubai, Dublin, EspooHanoiJohannesburg, KabulKuopio, LauttasaariLuanda, Lubango, Montevideo, Moscow, Nicosia, Plovdiv, Pyatigorsk, Riga, Russe, Skopje, Sofia, Tamperе, Tashkent, VarnaVidinVilniusVolgograd


Abu Dhabi (UAE) 17.5.2019

abu abu2


 Algiers (Algeria) 2.6.2019

algeri2 algeri9


 Amman (Jordan) 26.9.2019



Ankara (Turkey) 5.10 - 1.11.2020



 Astrakhan (Russia) 8.11.2019

astr astr2


  Asuncion (Paraguai) 24.6.2019

asun asun2


 Baghdad (Iraq) 31.12.2019

bagd bagd2


 Balchik (Bulgaria) 23-31.07.2020

balcik 1 balcik 2


 Belgrade (Serbia) 2.6.2019

belgrado2 belgrado3


 Belo Horizonte (Brazil) 18.5.2019

Изложбата "Леонардо - Благородният гений" в италианското училище на Фондация Торино а Бело (The exhibition in the Italian school of Foundation Torino a Belo - a video)


 Brussels (Belgium) 2.6.2019



Cape Town (RSA) 2.6.2019



Chisinau (Moldova) 2.6.2019

chisinau chisinau1.jpeg


Città della Pieve (Italy) 30.11.2019 - 06.01.2020

pieve pieve2


 Dubai (UAE) 2.6.2019

dub dub2


 Dublin (Ireland) 4-26.9.2019

dublino1 dublino2


Hanoi (Vietnam) 23.11.2019, In the central park of the city

hanoy hanoy2


Hanoi (Vietnam) 5.6.2019, The Prime minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte visited the exhibition In the Italian Embassy, during his visit in Vietnam

conyte conte2


Johannesburg (RSA) 27.1.2019

johannesburg3 johannesburg2


 Kabul (Afganistan) 16.5.2019

kabul kabul1


 Kuopio (Finland) 4-20.11.2019

kuopio 3 prova2 kuopio 1 prova


Luanda (Angola) 20.9.2019, The Minister of culture of Angola and the Minister of culture of Ethiopia visited the exhibition 

luanda2 luanda1


Lubango (Angola) 11.10.2019 

lub lub2


 Montevideo (Uruguai)

 2.6.2019 In the occasion of the National day 23.8.2019 In the occasion of the anniversary of 150 years of the Italian society in San Jose
 leonardo  montevideo


 Moscow (Russia) 4-23.12.2019

mosc mosc2


 Nicosia (Ciprus) 2.6.2019



 Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

12.07.2019 National library "Ivan Vazov" 5.06.2019 Language school "Ivan Vazov"
plov plov2


Pyatigorsk (Russia) 10.10.2019



 Riga (Latvia) 9.7.2019



 Russe (Bulgaria) 2 - 13.10.2020

russe 3 russe 1


 Skopje (Nord Macedonia) 2.6.2019 - in the occasion of National day

skopje3 skop4


Skopje (Nord Macedonia) 23.10.2019 @Kinoteca, within the XIX Week of the Itlaian language in the world

leonardo 1 leonardo 2


 Sofia (Bulgaria) 10.12.2019 - Sofia Airport

let let2

21.6.2019 National library "Saints Ciril and Methodius"

13.5.2019 Italian lyceum, Gorna Banya

2.5.2019 New Bulgarian University

10.4.2019 105 school "Atanas Dalchev"

sf1 sf2
sf3 sf4


 Tampere (Finland) 21-27.10.2019

Lauttasaari 25.11-13.12.2019 

Espoo 13.01-06.03.2020 

fin fin2


 Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 3.6.2019

tashkent tashkent img 20190603 181026


 Varna (Bulgaria) 25.06.2020 - 14.07.2020 

img 20200625 wa0010 1 img 20200625 wa0005 1


Vidin (Bulgaria) 11 - 28.08.2020

leonardo a vidin 4 leonardo a vidin 3


 Vilnius (Lithuania) 5.6.2019

vilnius vilnius2


Volgograd (Russia) 12.12.2019 - 12.01.2020

img 0326 img 0305