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Асистенция и промоция

ICE - Italian Trade Promotion Agency

The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency is the government organisation which promotes the internationalisation of the Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development. ICE provides information, support and advice to Italian and foreign companies.

In addition to its Rome headquarters, ICE operates worldwide from a large network of Trade Promotion Offices linked to Italian embassies and consulates and working closely with local authorities and businesses.

ICE provides a wide range of services overseas helping Italian and foreign businesses to connect with each other:

  • identification of possible business partners;
  • bilateral trade meetings with Italian companies;
  • trade delegation visits to Italy;
  • official participation in local fairs and exhibitions;
  • forums and seminars with Italian experts.

Website: ICE - Italian Trade Promotion Agency


ASSOCAMERESTERO - Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad

Association representing the needs and potential of the services of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE), and researches strategic collaborations and alliances with government and private actors – both Italian and international – in order to enhance familiarity with and use of the CCIE network;

  • provides for the drafting of the Report on Business Opportunities, which illustrates the CCIE’s potential as supplier of information on business opportunities, on a sector-by-sector basis, in countries covered by the network;
  • provides project and coordination assistance to the internationalisation services of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, in conjunction with the Unioncamere project;

Website: ASSOCAMERESTERO - Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad


UNIONCAMERE - Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Artisan Industry

handles and represents the general interests of the Chambers of Commerce and is a point of reference for productive sectors both on national and international levels;

  • promotes, creates and manages services and activities of interest to the Chambers of Commerce and some economic categories, either directly or through their own special agencies;
  • aims at strengthening and developing collaboration with the CCIE network;
  • facilitates access, using advanced technologies, to community initiatives and programmes, thus fostering international agreements for the promotion of Italy throughout the world.

Website: UNIONCAMERE - Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Artisan Industry


ENIT - Italian Tourism Board

institution concerned with the promotion abroad of tourism in Italy, which seeks to disseminate information on our country’s national and regional tourism resources and, in particular, its natural, environmental, cultural, artistic and historic treasures;

  • assists and offers technical services to Italian tourism enterprises attempting to penetrate foreign markets;
  • drafts studies on international markets and, in particular, on individual and group tourism trends;
  • analyses the evolution of foreign tourism and plans operational strategies in accordance with government and private sector leaders in Italian tourism (Ministry of Productive Activities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regional governments, public administrations, trade associations and agencies and producers of tourism services);

Website: ENIT - Italian Tourism Board


Mondimpresa - Agency for the Internationalisation of Businesses

  • promotes and supports internationalisation, in particular of SMEs – for the most part those of Southern Italy – by means of an extensive and articulated Italian network made up of the various components of System Italy, the Chambers of Commerce, the Confcommercio and the Confagricoltura;
  • drafts calls for tenders and offers to access funding from the government and prinicpal international organisations;
  • organises initiatives aimed at the promotion of both sector and non-sector transnational business partnership;
  • promotes foreign investments in Italy through special information initiatives illustrating the structure of the Italian entrepreneurial system and legislation in support of investments;

Website: Mondimpresa